Why is this tape so


You may have noticed that other tapes of independent films are noticibly more expensive than this particular collection. You may in fact have hesitated from buying this collection out of suspicions created by its low price that it is an inferior product. Nothing could be further from the truth. We at Quality Schnallity, Inc. stand behind this tape100%. You'll love it. So why the cheap price?


Because John Schnall craves attention!!!

John's basically a very insecure kind of guy. He wants tons of people to buy his tape and tell him how much they loved it, to stroke his fragile ego. So he purposely priced the tape so cheap that anyone could afford it, hoping for more ego-stroking.


John Schnall's pathetic condition is your bargain of the century!!!!

Let's face it, we can all benefit from John Schnall's pathetic, fragile ego. If he's going to sell his life's work at bargain-basement prices, well, let's take advantage of his weakness and buy up as many copies of his tape as we can! At least it will help him pay for years of well-needed therapy....


Okay, already, how can I buy the tape?


Just click on the image below: