A fun fact:

If Barbara Streisand married"Alvin and the Chipmonks" creator David Seville, shewould be: Barbara Seville!


and here are some more funfacts:


If Kaye Ballard marriedastronaut Wally Schirra, divorced him and married his brother,she would be Kaye Schirra Schirra.

If Tuesday Weld married HalMarch junior, she would be: Tuesday March the second.

If Ella Fitzgerald married DarthVader, she’d be Ella Vader.

If 1940's movie star SpringByington married Johnny Fever, she’d be Spring Fever.

If Waltons actressMichael Learned married pop singer Tommy Roe, divorced him andmarried Joey Dee, divorced him and married former South Africanpresident P.W. Botha, divorced him and married Pauly Shore,divorced him and married Arsenio Hall, divorced him and marriedbaseball manager Felipe Alou, divorced him and finally marriedMGM animator Michael Lah, she'd be MichaelRoe-Dee-Botha-Shore-Hall-Alou-Lah.