What is Modzilla?





John Schnall and Leila Haddad first met about ten years ago during a staff meeting at WFMU. Both vying for highly coveted air slots on the famed station, the two were instant enemies. After years of sparring and occasional lawsuits, they decided to bury the hatchet and collaborate on a film score for an independent filmmaker. Said




filmmaker was so pleased by the work of this musical team, she hired them to compose two more films scores for ABSOLUTELY no money! The two, weary of the financial burden of the pending lawsuits against one another, decided to cash in on the previously recorded music by beefing it up with more songs and creating the fraudulent




soundtrack to a phantom film; Welcome To Our Island, and the band was born. The story behind the name Modzilla is a very well-guarded secret, so don't push your luck...