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"Ing hails from San Francisco, and the locals here immediately recognize their distinctive, original style as part of the San Francisco club soundtrack. Ing is a must-hear for all you REM and Neil Young fans out there...."

Angry Coffee
December 2000


"All in all, this album ("Liberty") rocks. It's just that simple. "

November 2000


"Listening to Bay Area band ing's latest release, a musical transportation takes place back to the college days when cheap beer and jangly guitars ruled the world.... While this is a band that loves and reveres their influences, the do not settle for merely recreating them."

Scott Tinetti
West Coast Performer Magazine
August 2000


"Save for a few sparks, pop music of 1999 mostly droned.... I'm encouraged by the fact that I hear some great local bands that do sound fresh and may someday trigger a grass-roots movement toward quality. Ing, Your Precious You, Tin Hat Trio, Ten in the Swear Jar make music that must make record companies cringe. It can't be compared or sold like soft drinks.

San Jose Mercury News
December 7, 1999


"ing is continuing to climb the musical ladder. This new CD (Liberty) stays true to the earliest of ing recordings but in many ways refines what they are doing and takes it to the next level. These guys are carving their own path with their own original music."

October 1999


"Ing are one of those indie bands that you continually seek-out because you know you're never going to be disappointed with the results. "Liberty" is the second CD I've acquired, their first being the slightly more modest (but equally entertaining) "First Version of the Wheel." This is likely due to the fact that the band has doubled its members and is now a quartet. "Liberty" starts out in trademark Ing-stylee with "Confusion"- a track that, if you only read the lyrics, would appear to be woeful and lethargic. In fact, the opposite is true- the track pours with sunlight and chipper ambivalence. Very SoCal. Other standout tracks include "Inside Out", "Drop" and "Good Friday". My one complaint is that the songs go by very quickly, and the album is a tad short. Still, if you like bands with strong lyrics, good tunes and that still have their souls, Ing is a good place to start.

AMAZON.COM (reviewed by an MP3.com staffer!)
Fall 1999


"ing" offers up a boundary-breaking melange of acousti-pop that makes you think of what might happen if Elvis Costello joined REM and asked Simon & Garfunkel and The Smiths to collaborate.

Sept 1, 1999 --


"Who's A Suffix? They's ing. They call their music acoustipop. They are 'all about crossing boundaries... They welcome live tapers at their gigs ... What's not to like?"

June 3, 1999


"Ing is the ing-ingest rock, blues, country and psychedelic band around, hailing from the Bay Area and undeterred by the fact that their name looks, in print, like a typographical error. On Thursday they ping and zing over to the Paradise Lounge."


San Francisco Chronicle, Datebook Section
May 1999


"Merges sincerity with weirdness in a tuneful collection.... a spirit of sonic adventure inside the flexible wall of structure songs..."

Information Sickness #9
February 1999


"Fun and bouncy.... these guys would make a great party band."

Fright X Magazine
October 1998



"Vocals like Trout Fishing In America with Jim Croce sitting in while doing Simon & Garfunkel-like harmonies....some pretty favorable colors...."

Songwriters Monthly
April 1998


“With the emphasis on songwriting, the album has a earthy identifiable sound. My favorite cut was the opening track "Lux Radio" which could have easily been written by an early hip version of R.E.M. and would do as well on like stations. Electrifying, Exploring, Motivating, Captivating,”

BayScene Magazine


"With their songs being so lyrical and their melody so strong, their works easily can be distinguished from number of "alternative"musics."

Yoshi Nakamura
Seventh Heaven Music
(indie music website in Japan!)




"Featured song of the week: My Strongest Weakness"

The CD Music Page


"This folk/pop duo combines sensitivity and joy in their music with strong melodies, vocals and harmonies which are clearly influenced by the likes of Neil Young, The Kinks, XTC and REM.... a sound that is uniquely their own."

Christoper Perry
Q San Francisco Magazine September 1997



"We like your guys stuff... your music is good"

Jason A. Mezilis ,Bay Bands
(indie music website, San Jose, CA)


“The ultimate gerund experience”

SF Weekly


" They had pretty voices and I like pretty voices."

Greg Heller
BAM Magzazine, “Night Fever: SF Area Nightlife”
(from review of Bottom of the Hill performance) 8/22/97