Quality Schnallity was busy over the summer of 2008; here's what we did:

Komodo Kams logo: This was a quickie, done right at the beginning of the summer; an animated logo for a website.

Erica's response: the summer continued with a goofy project: a wife's response to her husband's video (you can see the original video, which was done before the summer started, by clicking on the link below this video). The challenge was to make the reponse even funnier, and raunchier, than the original; I think we did that. Tim Schletter did the music in both. WARNING: EXPLICIT

The truth/Drunk Monkey: An unusual assignment; a self-help guru wanted to create a video assault to introduce his motivation course. He supplied the music and the line drawings; the assignment was to make it cool and a bit mysterious. I didn't care much for the drawings, they were rough pencil sketches; instead of cleaning them up and coloring them conventionally I thought it would be better to let them stay sketchy and put them over textures, almost like they were grafitti on the wall.

OO.com.au: Lights Out: This was a more major project; an Australian overstock company wanted to make a viral video to promote their logo's characters. There was lots of back and forth on this one, the ideas developed while we worked on it, and I think it came out great. I also made some headers for their site.

Sureloc and Bowcast: For the first part of the summer I often had three projects going on at once; these two were done for a client who has an archery podcast. They were great to work on; the client's easy to work with, they were done very quickly, and they used a different part of my brain than the other work going on at the same time.

Card Ninja: I was contacted by a magician/card thrower; he was working on a video intro to what he does and wanted to have a section where he says card throwing just isn't cool and has no real use, but what if it did? So he came up with the idea for this piece. He wanted to do it in the style of the esurance ads. It was a good challenge for me because I generally draw on paper but this was done entirely in the computer, and drawn with a mouse!

App River: This is the first of what is planned to be a series of commercials; I'm drawing on paper and doing the production in flash.

I Flip For You/I Fall to Pieces: I had some down time toward the mid to late summer and I did an animation intended for a greeting card. It's getting some notice on YouTube. You can see it on my YouTube page, and also at HD Greetings. At around the same time I was asked to put together a radio show for the 50th anniversary of WFMU, the two projects overlapped and I ended up using music from the radio show for the video; here's where you can hear and read about the radio show.

Did He Like It intro: This is a web intro to a site for NY Times critic Ben Brantley's reviews. It turns out the voice on the video was one of the actors who played "Mr. Tickle" on JoJo's Circus, the show I co-directed for the Disney Channel.

Soccerkraze logo: One more quickie to end the summer; another animated logo for a website.