New stuff

We've been busy at Quality Schnallity Inc, animating for commercials, web, documentary, pitches, and various and sundry. You can find clips from many of our latest projects on our demo reel

Music Videos

We've animated music videos for groups including ing, Mercy Me, and Laughing Pizza. You can find clips on our demo reel

You Tube

All work and no play makes Schnallity lose his Quality! Check out some of the sillier things we've been doing on You Tube

TV Funhouse

We produced a segment for this Comedy Central show. It's in the style of a Beatles cartoon, only featuring Black Sabbath. It premiered on Jan. 3, 2001.
Here are some stills:

TV Funhouse

United Way Thank-you Cards

We created a series of on-line thank-you cards for United Way of New York City, which looked something like this:

United Way Card example


Paint and God

We developed an internet animated series for Urban Box Office. Unfortunately, they went out of business, and I can't show you any of the work. But it was really nice stuff. You'll just have to trust me on this one. Six episodes were in their final stages of production when work was halted, and hopefully I'll be able to show them in the future.

A Little Curious - Lift Me Up

We've produced a short piece for the show "A Little Curious", which aired on HBO in January of 2000.
Here are some stills:

Lift Me Up

Tourette Syndrome Association PSA

Quality Schnallity, Inc. has produced six public service announcements for the Tourette Syndrome Association. Here's a Quick-time of one of them.

TSA (15 sec., about 1.4 MG)


For a walking tour of "Short Films By Short People: The Great Switcheroo",

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And to see the cover artwork for the CD "Marita And Her Heart's Desire"

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