Quality Schnallity production, Jan - June of 2009:

Footnote It Intro: A video to publicize a developing web service. The goal was to explain how the site is to run in a way that's clear, fun, and creates interest. The video was highly successful, leading to a high click-thru rate and a lot of interest in their website. You can see the video HERE.

Glympse: This was a really big, fun project. I had an idea for a different type of spokesperson, and I pitched it when this opportunity came up; it turned out to be a really good fit. This was done relatively quickly and came out great. My oft-time narrator Chris Andrews did a fantastic job on the main character's voice (the character's son was played by his son; Tim Schletter did some voices too). see it HERE.

Lead Life: The animated intro for this lead generation company; you can see this one by clicking on the "Watch Now" button on their SITE.

Sparklean: A commercial for a cleaning company; this was fast and fun: HERE

Soulja Boy Ecard: this was a promotion for Amazon dot com and Universal Music, done thru HD Greetings. Check it out; make sure you have a photo of your face available so you can put your own face into the card: TURN MY SWAG ON

Bzztrust: Tax Time: The idea here was to make a viral video, with a very soft sell approach to getting the company's name out (in this case, a search engine). Unfortunately, it didn't get promoted enough to go viral (clients often seem to feel if they hide a video somewhere on YouTube it will somehow get "discovered"; it never does work that way...). So it didn't get widely seen, but it's very funny; excellent voice work by Tim Schletter. You can see the video HERE.

Mortgage Marcus: We did three videos for this Canadian mortgage company's website. You can see them HERE, HERE and HERE.

Rapport: We did more for this New Zealand advertising company, the highlight being a video to introduce their company as they accepted an AWARD.

Hotel Guest Book: Another web intro, short and to the point, see it HERE.

Somewhere in here I did a "save the date" card for a wedding; simple but effective: HERE.

Esther and Yaya: this was developing a friend's powerpoint presentation into an interactive flash pitch; you can see it HERE.

CompareStorePrices dot com: This is a header to explain how to use a UK price site; you can see it HERE.

Lango: This is a language school for kids; we developed an interactive lesson for teaching Spanish; I can't show you a link but it came out very well.

Dammit Johnny: All work and no play make Quality Schnallity a dull company; here's a little piece I animated to a friend's music track: DAMMIT

Here's what we did in the latter part of 2008.