Quality Schnallity continued on a busy streak; here's what we did:

Entreprenuer's Retreat Network: A web promotional piece to introduce potential clients to a business retreat. You can see it here. The clients were happy with the piece and referred me to quite a few potential clients.

Rapport website: A New Zealand advertising agency contacted me about realizing their very quirky, home-made vision for their web site. I approached it in a very "concete" manner, actually folding and cutting a series of animated paper dolls for example; you can see the site here. We worked really well together and the clients were very pleased; I hope to be doing more work with them. While working on the site I also did a small promotional piece for one of Rapport's clients, and Rapport's holiday card.

Speaking of holiday cards, this year ended with quite a few holiday card assignments. I did this card for Shareholder Representative Services, this holiday themed Church piece, this series of images for a Lenticular card for magician Chris Linn, and this card for an Australian English school.

Meanwhile, my own ecard line at HD Greetings is growing, with several new, funny holiday cards added, check it out here. I also reworked my homepage, giving it strange interactivity.

She Got Problems: This is an animated segment from a feature film pitch; it was done in limited animation but if the feature gets funded I'll be revisiting it and giving it full animation. Here it is (with scratch track; the pitch is still in progress).

Gold Coast Sales Training Video: One of the clients referred by Entreprenuer's Retreat Network; this is a web intro to the Gold Coast Sales Training School.

Pringles Jingle: the writers of a jingle approached me to make a video, which they entered into a UK contest. The challenge here was to make the video in roughly one day. Here's how it came out. It didn't win the contest but the band was very happy with it and want me to do music video work for them next year.

Here's what we did in the Summer of 2008.